Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services is based on the concept that often mental health supports are needed by children even if they are maintaining adequate school performance. In addition, support services may be need by those children who are to young to be enrolled in school. Outpatient Services allows families the ability to access mental health assistance in a community based program. Our trained staff utilized individual, group and play therapy to help children identify problems in their lives. With a focus on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), staff guide each person along their path to recovery so that their journey through childhood is not characterized by “maintaining adequately” but, rather, by being happy and enjoying an improved quality of life.

Skills Training

Prior to student’s enrollment at Webster Street Academy, a licensed mental health clinician meets with the student and significant other(s) to gather information related to a variety of life areas and the youth’s history of coping with stressors in these areas. The clinician will assess mental health needs, make treatment recommendations and outline a plan that addresses these identified needs.

Coping Skills Training
This training promotes specific Coping Skills which are often underutilized or unknown to adolescents with mental health issues.

Social Skills Training
This instruction focuses on understanding one’s self by focusing on concepts such as: developing self-awareness (e.g. feelings, emotions), building self-confidence (e.g., intimacy, autonomy, success) and ensuring an adequate quality of life (e.g., balance between work, play and personal maintenance responsibilities). It also focuses on learning to get along with peers and adults by addressing issues such as: becoming socially responsible, building and maintaining friendships, interacting respectfully with authority figures and resolving conflicts.

Individual Therapy

Through individual therapy sessions, individuals participate in a self-discovery process. This process helps them realize that the challenges they face in their lives are not because better solutions do not exist but because they have not refined their ability to use available resources to reach better solutions.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy allows individuals to merge their interpretation of reality with other people’s interpretations in such a way that they are encouraged to develop a new understanding of themselves as well as the world around them. The foundation of Group Therapy is sharing in the experience of others. During Group, therapists strive not only to help students identify their common bonds, but also to have each student appreciate the diversity among their peers.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST)

CPST services are designed to coordinate and link the student (and his or her family) with those community-based services and opportunities that are both needed and desired. The Community Support Specialist focuses on extending the supports of the program beyond the four walls of the building and into the community.

Psychiatric Services

Webster Street Academy has on-site psychiatric services available by appointment. Our physician can complete initial psychiatric evaluations and can also provide pharmacological management, if needed. Psychiatric Services are optional for all children receiving services from Eastway Corporation.