Outreach Services

Outreach Services addresses the ever-growing number of students in public and charter schools who require intermittent mental health supports in order to remain successful. Our clinical staff are on-site every school day (call for current list of partnering schools) so that therapeutic supports are delivered immediately when they are most needed. This approach enables us to teach children to identify those situations that lead to poor decision making. As part of a child’s growth and development, outreach services works with each child to discover new strategies that enable ways to better cope with those triggers. In addition to school-based services, clinical staff also work with parents to ensure continuity of care and link community resources based on specific needs.

Experts Agree - a truly unique place for help

Recognized by community leaders and healthcare professionals alike, Webster Street Academy and Family Center provides a comprehensive blend of programs for troubled students – and their families.

Terry Cash PH.D, Assistant Director, National Dropout Prevention Center, Clemson University, writes, “It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this letter in support of Webster Street Academy. I have been the outside evaluator for the Fast Forward Out of School Youth Initiative, of with Webster Street Academy is a collaborating partner, for approximately two years and have and intimate and comprehensive understanding of the impact and success the Webster Street Academy program has had with the city of Dayton, and its surrounding area’s most challenging student population. As one who understands the difficulty of working with students who exhibit severe negative emotional and behavioral patterns, and having documented the program’s effectiveness over time, I believe that Webster Street Academy is one of the finest examples of therapeutic intervention anywhere in the nation.”

A recent CARF (Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilitates) report stated: “Webster Street Academy provides extraordinary alternative services for students of traditional schools who are unable or unwilling to learn or maintain appropriate behaviors. Education programs and services are highly individualized to reflect the unique needs of each person served. Students are awarded educational credits that are recognized by their local school districts, with which the organization maintains ongoing relationships. The combination of academics and therapeutic supports makes it possible for the students to return to their traditional schools for graduation.” In addition, the surveyor who reviewed Webster Street Academy noted, “Understand that I very rarely give high praise….I love what you are doing here and hope that you can transplant it to other states as well.”

Sinclair Community College’s Fast Forward Center has recognized Webster Street Academy as a proud partner of its efforts to provide alternative education solutions for at-risk and out-of-school youth. The “outstanding child-centered approach” of WSA was recently acclaimed by Fast Forward’s Director, Michael Carter to be one of the few of its kind in the nation.”