Webster Street Academy

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Webster Street Academy is based on the model of community partnerships and is not a charter or public school. Instead, students attending Webster Street Academy remain actively enrolled in their current school, are generally able to participate in after school functions and are awarded credit for the completion of academic work with the ultimate goal being the student's successful re-integration to their home school. Licensed as a mental health program Webster Street Academy has received national recognition for developing a new approach which supports school age youth (ages 12-17) in reclaiming their futures.

In addition to a curriculum that is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education's benchmark standards, students utilize a self-paced approach that focuses on the core areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The program also places a significant emphasis on reading and addresses student deficits in this area with direct literacy instruction. Individualized therapeutic supports such as individual and group therapy combine with coping and social skills classes to ensure that each child is focused on addressing and resolving those issues that have impeded their ability to live successful lives.

Our Educational Philosophy

Webster Street Academy’s educational philosophy is that learning MUST start at the level where the student is truly functioning and not at a level others believe to be appropriate for that child. This is essential to learning because academics that are too difficult, lead students to experience frustration while academics that are too easy lead to boredom. In either case, the student has a tendency to display higher levels of inappropriate behavior. By following this philosophy and tailoring a program to meet the individual at HIS/HER level, the student begins to enjoy academic success and builds momentum to accelerate learning.

Webster Street Academy utilizes an online software package entitled, Ace Digital Academy. This award-winning program allows students to enroll in curriculums across four major domains: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. The scope and sequence of the Ace Digital Academy curriculums are such that any child can work at their own level, whether that level is basic (primary grades) or advanced (high school). Course modules are aligned with Ohio Department of Education outcomes, thus ensuring academic rigor for each student.

Report Cards and Transcripts

Report Cards and Transcripts Progress Summary Reports are generated four times during the course of the school year: in October, January, March and June. There is also a Progress Summary Report for students in summer session. The Progress Summary Reports are designed to give students, their families and their school an indication of how well the student is progressing. Seminar grading (Pass or Fail) is utilized for both Coping and Social Skills groups – each grade is accompanied by a code indicating how well the child has behaved. GRADES ARE PROVIDED FOR ACADEMIC COURSES. The Ace Digital Academy online educational system is designed in such a way that students must achieve an “A” or a “B” average in order to progress through the curriculum.

Self-Directed Lab

Students are able to work at their own pace (often at an accelerated rate). Most students who excel in this style, work at or above their grade level for their academic needs. This modality is also ideal for those students who sometimes feel unnecessary pressure from teacher directions or who tend to refrain from asking questions in front of others for fear of social stigma. An instructor who can assist students with questions or can field those occasional technological problems, constantly supervises the self-directed instruction lab.

Assisted Learning Lab

This style of instruction utilizes diversified teacher approaches to assist students in learning the curriculum modules. Most students who excel in this style work at, or just below, their grade level for their academic needs. This modality is also ideal for students who may struggle with specific aspects of a curriculum and who can benefit from a teacher’s intuition to reframe subject material to help facilitate learning. A certified teacher paces each individual so that learning is not done too slow or in haste. This teacher also monitors student progress and ensures continual documentation of each student’s completed work.

Teacher-Directed Lab

Most students who excel in this style, work significantly below their grade level for their academic needs. This modality is ideal for students who struggle with fundamental skills necessary for learning. A “Back to Basics” approach, utilizes individualized tutoring and a high level of accommodations to facilitate learning. In addition, this certified special education teacher can oversee independent instruction courses, if needed.